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Just The Doctor by Facenna
Paul McGann iPhone painting by jonpinto
General, Gallifrey, TARDIS, Alt. Doctors
Doctor Who Project FULL VIEW by D-Angeline
Tardis in space by WormholePaintings
Time Vortex, stained glass style :) by WormholePaintings
Doctor Who meets The Walking Dead [POSTER] by unknown-DR
Multiple Doctors
Air Band Who by KellyYates
The Doctors by staypee
Doctor Who - I'm the Doctor! by cute-loot
All the Doctors! by rainesz
12th Doctor
Our Last Adventure by luluha
Closer by luluha
Memories Become Songs by luluha
Bill and the twelfth doctor by RaRo81
11th Doctor
Amy Pond, I am definitely a mad man with a box by shatzy-shell
Old Eyes by andycwhite
Doctor Who by JohnFenerides
Goodbye Clara by Veronnikka
10th Doctor
A Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff by DannyNicholas
Martha Jones by luluha
Doctor's Orders by manycomics
10th Doctor inside Vortex by MadelineSlytherin
9th Doctor
Ninth by andycwhite
Bad Wolf by Claudia-SG
Captain Jack Harkness by Scarlett-Winter
Doctor Who - White Terror by ginovanta
8th Doctor
Charley's nightmares by JohannesVIII
Eight's nightmares by JohannesVIII
Seasons of Fear: Year 1930 by Miss-Alex-Aphey
Snow by JohannesVIII
7th Doctor
Doctor Who - DWM 140 Cover Recreation by willbrooks
Crossover Who 7 - Seven and Les Cites Obscures by JohannesVIII
Doctor Who - Blood Heat by ginovanta
Dorothy Gale McShane by mustamirri
6th Doctor
Doctor Who and the Pirates - Best cliffhanger ever by JohannesVIII
Sixth Doctor (Star rain) by MadelineSlytherin
Mock Titans Comic cover for 6th Doctor by shaneoid77
Splatter Six by ladyyatexel
5th Doctor
CASTROVALVA by Herbarianband
Fivey by GermanCompanion
Commission: That wouldn't be cricket by GreenLiquidBrain
Nyssa by mustamirri
4th Doctor
Doctor Who and the Time Lord Experiment by Hognatius
Fourth Doctor by MadelineSlytherin
4th Doctor Titan Comics by KellyYates
LOGOPOLIS by Herbarianband
3rd Doctor
3rd Doctor by ermitanyongpalits
Doctor Who/ Jon Pertwee by DukeDexter
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Forgotten Son by fresian-cat
3 - Jon Pertwee by DontSpeakSilent
2nd Doctor
2nd DOCTOR by ermitanyongpalits
Jamie by EttelwenAilinon
Song for the Butterfly-Jellies by rainesz
Doctor Who and the Menace of the Olypheist by Hognatius
1st Doctor
Doctor Who and the Empire of Skulls by Hognatius
One and DDR by JohannesVIII
Doctor Who And The Robots (2015) Front by SteveAndrew
Doctor Who 1st Doctor William Hartnell by SouthParkTaoist
Missy with her cybermen by MadelineSlytherin
The Master (Simm) by MadelineSlytherin
I am the Master by MadelineSlytherin
Something Nice by AralisJ
Davros and Daleks
Order of the Daleks by Chrisofedf
open dalek by snakedaemon
Dalek Destruction by Richard67915
10 by AndyFairhurst
Doctor Who - Supremacy of the Cyberman - #3 by FabioListrani
Cyber-reflection by SimmonBeresford
cyberman (silver nemesis) head by snakedaemon
Doctor Who - Supremacy of the Cyberman - #2 by FabioListrani
Aliens, Enemies
The Legends of Ashildr by ZacharyFeore
DON'T BLINK by Razor-Sensei
ACEO: Sontaran Trick or Treat by DanielleMWilliams
Menoptera Concept Art by ohmygiddyaunt
Classic Aliens, Enemies
Silurians! by ginovanta
Draconian Noble by ginovanta
AUTON ATTACK! by Herbarianband
Zygon by AntLamb
Artisan Crafts, Cosplay
TARDIS - my interpretation by hontor
10th Doctor by ThePuddins
River Song 4 by ThePuddins
Don't Blink by r0ra
Photos, Manips, 3D
Custom TARDIS Console Room mark 2 by ginovanta
This isn't blackpool... by Chrisofedf
Wrath of the Dalek Killer by ginovanta
Dr Who - Mummy on the Orient Express - selfie by Kaduflyer
Doctor Who Internet brings you relevant videos, articles and fan projects of amazing, humorous, or historical relevance.

This entire update is all about series 9 and Big Finish!

Series 9 Trailer:…
S9 Promo:
S9 Interview:…
S9 Has 12 Eps:…
S9 Shooting:………………
S9 Info Chart:…
Doctor Who renewed to 2020:…
Big Finish New Series License = River Song on Audio!…

Also: Dalek Gary:…

This is the longest gap we’ve ever had for the DWI blog mainly because I’ve been compiling s9 news and ignoring most else. That's also why this is updating on a Tuesday.

:bulletgreen: I'm beginning to lose confidence for the first time in my life and that covers several thousand years.
~Doctor Who and the Silurians, 3rd Doctor
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Membership: Anybody is welcome to join. Note: Please do not join the group simply to submit your art and then leave if it isn't (or is) accepted. If that's your only aim, simply watch or note the group with links. Note that when you join the group your gallery is most likely going to be looked at regardless.


We do not give explanations for denied art unless denied for technical reasons. i.e. Art contains spoilers for upcoming stories. It just takes too much time to do otherwise.

Do not submit:

:bulletpurple: screenshots, posters, wallpapers
:bulletpurple: pencil doodles, messy sketches, or plain line art
:bulletpurple: icons, gifs, games, animations
:bulletpurple: original characters, chibis (plushies)
:bulletpurple: works in progress, memes
:bulletpurple: forms of goofy text, windows alert messages
:bulletpurple: sexual vulgarity, profanity, nudity, etc.
:bulletpurple: out of character art of the actors
:bulletpurple: adverts for merchandise

:bulletgreen: Submit only one or two pictures of each cosplay.
:bulletgreen: If you're drawing multiple Doctors, mash them up into one photo to be submitted into the Doctor montage folder.
:bulletgreen: Submit only the first page of comics.
:bulletgreen: Oneshot stories only. This doesn't mean you condense your multi-chapter story into a small book and submit it.

:bulletred: Check out the About Us section of the group and read the Foldering System rules. It's optional.
:bulletred: Compliance with the above guidelines does not guarantee acceptance of art.
:bulletred: Duplicate submissions are automatically declined.


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apdarkness905 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
First off I should begin by saying I am a Doctor Who fan or rather I am a fan of the classic series rather than that farce of a show contemporary Doctor Who that vainly claims to call itself by that title. These videos are about my feelings about the current series of the show and its spin-off's, what is wrong with it, the mistakes it has made and what I belive is necessary to fix them.

Here is the first video…

and this is the second…

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner May 1, 2016
Does your group have any writers who'd take a story commission?

I'm interested in commissioning someone to write me a classic-era Who story with one of my own personal crack-ships, but I can't find any Who authors who take commissions (I have searched dA high and low, but it's difficult to find members by this kind of criteria).
(1 Reply)
Faith-Looney Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
DO you guys take written work?
(1 Reply)
Joshua-Mozes Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for placing my drawing in your gallery :D
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